Dollar Dog Kids Club

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The Dollar Dog Kids Club helps kids ages 12 and under learn and understand the power of good savings habits while they are young!

When your little saver opens a Dollar Dog Savings Account or Dollar Dog Certificate Account, they've made a great financial choice, and we want the experience to be a special one.   With a membership, they'll receive lots of free stuff.

  • Free Membership Kit filled with fun activities.
  • Quarterly newsletter with tips, tricks and crafts.
  • Fun community events, contests, prizes and more.
  • Earn Doggie Dollars for deposits made and redeem them for prizes!fall list

Earn one Doggie Dollar per every $10.00 deposited, maximum of 10 Doggie Dollars per day - per each Dollar Dog Kids Club member. 

Prizes subject to change without notice.   Prize availability subject to inventory on-hand.   Doggie Dollars have no cash value.   Limited time offer.

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