C1st Sponsorships and Grants 

Through its charitable investments, C1st helps enrich the lives of our membership and the communities we serve. Charitable giving focuses on education, community betterment and the support of activities that involve and recognize the value of our members and employees.


In order for C1st to properly review each sponsorship request, the following guidelines should be used when considering whether to approach C1st for financial support.

  • Sponsorship requests must have completed a Sponsorship/Grant Application
  • Requests for support must be received by C1st no later than 8 weeks prior to the event date. We will not consider requests submitted in a shorter timeframe.
  • Requests that clearly indicate an alignment with the Community 1st charitable giving priorities and make a strong business case for our involvement will likely receive greater attention.
  • C1st member and/or employee involvement (i.e. on a committee or Board) is important.
  • All requests must indicate how the success of the event will be measured in terms of benefit to their defined population or to the community.

C1st is unable to participate in activities that may fall into one or any of the following categories:

  • Events or benefits that serve as a pass-through for funding—i.e. donating to one entity which in turn donates the funds to another entity.
  • Events to raise funds for an endowment
  • Events that support a specific religious institution (houses of worship or denominational headquarters), political organization or campaign, labor groups, fraternal, athletic or social clubs.
  • Request for loans or to pay off debt
  • Events to raise funds for individuals
  • Requests for funding below $100

SPonsorship/Grant Application

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