View Your Mortgage or Home Equity in C1st Online Banking!

posted on 4/7/2017 in Mortgage

Mortgage and home equity loan members who are the primary borrowers are now able to view loan details via C1st Online Banking!  A Mortgage tab will appear if a member has a mortgage or home equity loan.  The additional tab provides many more details that we haven't been able to offer in the past. 

Payments to C1st mortgage are still made via Online Banking home page and clicking on the Transfers button. 

To access mortgage details/information, you will just click on the Mortgage tab (shown below) after signing into Online Banking:

Mortgage Tab Online

When the mortgage tab is selected, you'll be asked to accept an online agreement.  Then, a new toolbar appears with options to view payment information, loan balances, memos, payment history, payment options, account information, statements and more.

,ortgage Welcome Screen

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