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With Skip-A-Payment, we'll let you take a vacation from your loan payment when you need it most.

It’s easy! Just choose the month of the payment you’d like to skip (any month of the year) for any qualifying loan. If you have more than one loan, you can select one month to skip on each eligible loan! C1st will then extend the term of your loan by an additional month. What you do with the extra cash is up to you! 

Request to Skip-A-Payment

To request a Skip-A-Payment, complete the application form and return to any C1st location or email to:  

You can only skip one payment per loan after a minimum of six months of consecutive payments.

Please allow a minimum notice of five business days prior to your loan due date to process each Skip-A-Pay request.

Apply Now

A fee of $25 will be assessed for each loan that Skip-A-Payment is used for. A separate form must be filled out for each individual loan. (Example: Using Skip-A-Payment on two separate loans would equal a total fee of $50.) 

In order to be eligible for C1st’s Skip-A-Payment program, loans must have at least a 90-day satisfactory payment record. Commercial loans, mortgage-secured loans, (except tack-on mortgages), overdraft protection line of credit, EZ loans, mobile home loans, interest-free loans, and single-payment loans are not eligible for this program. Delinquent loans are also not eligible for this program.