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Rates accurate as of January 16, 2018

Secondary Market Loans - Fixed Rate

Type Rate APR** Points
15 Year Fixed 3.500% 3.647% No Points
30 Year Fixed 4.125% 4.209% No Points

In-House Loans ~ Underwritten & Serviced by C1st

Type Rate APR** Points

*ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Available for a 30-year amortization, fixed for the first 3, 5, 7 or 10 years then may adjust annually, up or down, for the remainder of the loan term (up to maximum changes of 2% per year, or 5% over the life of the loan), which may cause monthly payments to vary. ARM rate floor of 4.00%. If the original rate is lower than 4.00% then the original rate is the floor.  

**APR: Annual Percentage Rate.  Actual APR may be higher, based on loan amount, credit eligibility and credit union lending policies.

These terms and rates are for owner-occupied, primary residence mortgage loans only with 20% down. Rate based on loans for $100,000, with a purchase price of $125,000 and a 60-day lock period.  May be additional third party fees.  Ask your Mortgage Originator for further details. Current mortgage loan must be from another financial institution to refinance.  Construction Loan rate is 1.25% over the qualifying 15 year fixed rate.  Loan rates are subject to change without notice. Terms and qualifications apply.

Secondary Market Loans are not serviced or managed by Community 1st Credit Union after the loan origination process is completed.

3/1 ARM* 3.500% 3.581% No Points
5/1 ARM* 3.750% 3.833% No Points
7/1 ARM* 3.750% 3.965% No Points
10/1 ARM* 3.875% 4.006% No Points
15 Year Fixed 3.375% 3.520% No Points

Loan Information:

  • Financing Type – Conventional
  • Amount - $100,000
  • Purchase Price - $125,000
  • State – Iowa
  • County – Wapello
  • City – Ottumwa
  • Escrow/Impounds – Yes
  • Loan Purpose – Purchase
  • Property Use – Primary Residence
  • Property Type – Existing single family home
  • Lock Period – 60 Day
Important Notices

The advertised interest rates, APR, discount points and rebates shown are subject to change without notice.  The monthly payment amount shown includes principal, interest, and mortgage insurance, if required. Your actual monthly payment will be higher if an escrow account is established or required.  Actual loan costs may vary based upon your final loan amount and finance charges.

Additional Information about our 3 Year, 5 Year, 7 Year, or 10 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) - The APR, interest rate and principal and interest payment are subject to increase and will change after the loan is closed due to market-driven changes to the index.

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