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From trying to understand credit scores to figuring out how to pay for college, managing your finances can be overwhelming. Having some basic financial knowledge can help make the experience easier. Our short interactive learning modules will help you build the foundation you need for long-term financial success.  

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It's a Money ThingIt's a Money Thing

Understanding how to manage and grow your money as a young adult is a fundamental skill that many are missing. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with practical tips and tricks to help you become smarter with your money. Check out our It's A Money Thing Library with financial topics to help lead you in the right direction! Click on each image to learn more about that topic!

1Choosing Your F.I.

2Credit Score Breakdown

3Foiling Identity Theft

4Boosting Your Credit Score

5Budgeting Basics

6Compound Interest

77 Co-operative Principles

8Comparing Cards

9Emergency Fund Bootcamp

10Leasing vs. Buying

11Living On Your Own

12Common Money Beliefs 

13Loan Basics

14Investment Vehicles

15Know Your Checking Account

16Predatory Lending

17Understanding Inflation

18Intro to Insurance

19Save on Groceries

20Demystifying Mortgages

21Organizing Your Finances

22Rule of 72

23Earning Money Online

24Good vs Bad Spending

25Income Essentials 

26Student Loans 101

27Trends in the Stock Market

28Buying a Used Car

29Saving for Retirement

30Acing the Job Interview

31How to Spot Scams

Let's Talk TaxesLet's Talk Taxes

After GradAfter Grad

Grow Money LocallyGrow Money Locally

Using Your Credit CardUsing Your Credit Card

Pay Yourself FirstPay Yourself First

Debt RepaymentDebt Repayment

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