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A wide variety of agriculture loans is logical for us to carry with the foundation of our credit union built around agriculture.

At Community 1st Credit Union, we offer different farm loans at attractive rates. Here are the agriculture loans that our members can apply for:

  • Operating Lines of Credit
    This type of loan provides farm owners short-term cash to cover their daily operating costs. This includes purchasing supplies like fertilizer, seed, and chemicals; covering repair costs; and paying the wages of workers. Keep your farm business running by applying for a line of credit today!  
  • Farm Equipment Loans
    Farm owners need specialized machines like tractors and irrigation systems to operate efficiently. With a farm equipment loan, they’ll be able to purchase high-quality and reliable equipment that they can use for years to come. Improve the equipment on your farm by applying for a loan with C1st Credit Union!  
  • Agricultural Land Loans
    If you’re thinking of starting a farm business or are looking to expand your property, this might be the right type of funding for you! An agricultural land loan can be used for purchasing or leasing a piece of land. Watch your farm business grow with the help of C1st’s agricultural land loans!  
  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guaranteed Loans
    Through the Farm Service Agency’s program, farm and ranch owners can secure supplemental funding, which they can use for a variety of reasons. This includes covering operation costs, purchasing or developing land, and refinancing debt. If you need help with your application, C1st will be more than happy to walk you through the process.   

We feel you will be as excited as we are about the competitive rates and low costs of these products. As an agriculture lender, we tailor these loans to match up to the cash flow of your operation. They come with many great features including annual payments on your term loans. If you need help finding the right type of agriculture loan for your business, please reach out to us today!

List of Requirements Needed to Apply for an Agriculture Loan