24-Hour Telephone Banking

Call To Access Your Account Anytime.

CALL:  888.684.7989


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With our 24-Hour Telephone Banking Service, you can access your account information anytime, even if you don't have Internet access.

Just call any C1st branch location and we'll send you a PIN (Personal Identification Number) so you can get started. There's even a transaction code to change the PIN to whatever you want.

  • Check your current and available account balances
  • Find out if a check has cleared
  • Transfer money within your accounts
  • Multiple transactions in one call

24 HOUR ACCOUNT ACCESS - 888.684.7989


A. Select From Menu Options

  • Select An Account
  • Transfer Money
  • All Account Balances
  • General Information
  • Product Information
  • More Choices
  • Merchant Verification
B. Enter Member Number
C. Enter PIN Number
D. Follow instructions depending on the menu option that you have chosen.

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