ChargeUp Credit Builder Program

Together, let's establish (or rebuild) your credit!

With our C1st ChargeUp program, we make it possible for you to establish your credit or rebuild your credit so you can achieve your dreams - whether that means owning a home, purchasing a vehicle, or something else. 

Products to Help Establish Credit

Products to Help You Rebuild Credit

  •  C1st Cash Loan

    A C1st Cash Loan is a good way to start fixing poor credit.

    • Qualifications are simple and easy

    • Get a fresh start by proving you can pay as agreed

    • Smaller loans typically range between $200 - $1,000

    *You must be 18 years or older and a C1st member for at least 30 days to apply. Other restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval and program qualifications. Limited-time offer.

  •  C1st Secure Credit Card

    The C1st Secure Credit Card is also an option to help rebuild your credit.

    • Easy to qualify

    • Low $300 minimum obligation

Keep Track of Your Credit!

  •  SavvyMoney®

    SavvyMoney® is a comprehensive Credit Score program aimed to help you stay on top of your credit. In addition to getting your free credit score, you'll also be able to view and track what matters most in your credit report.

    • Credit Score Action Plan - Increase your score with an action plan customized just for you!

    • Financial Checkup - Take the assessment today to see your personal financial health score, debt-to-income ratio, and budget analysis. 

    • Set Up Your Goal - Increase your rating and improve your credit score by setting up a goal.


  •  Financial Education Center

    Our Financial Education Center will help you build the foundation you need for long-term financial success. 

Let us help you ChargeUp your credit and get it where it needs to be!

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To qualify for the ChargeUp program you must be a C1st member for at least 30 days, in good standing with C1st, and have been at the same job for at least 6 months. Other restrictions may apply. All extensions of credit are subject to approval and program qualifications.