Our Credit Union Loans Come In All Shapes and Sizes.



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Getting a loan from Community 1st Credit Union is a quick and easy process. You can expect friendly service and great rates. Gain access to all these benefits and more by applying for membership today! We currently serve 57 counties in Southern and Central Iowa and 14 counties in Missouri.

Get the Best Rate with Automatic Payments!

When you set up Auto-Payments, you get the best rate offered on consumer loans. Best of all, there is never a pre-payment penalty if you choose to pay your loan off early.

Additional Options to Enhance your Loan:

  • Debt & Depreciation Protection
  • Extended Warranty
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Advantage

Convenient Options to Make Your Loan Payment

Digital Banking Transfer

To make a payment from a C1st account, simply transfer the funds using digital banking.

Cross-Member Transfer
Pay your credit union loans with funds located in a separate C1st membership!  We can set up cross-member transfers in digital banking.

Payroll Deduction
Have your payments automatically deducted from your direct deposit.

ACH Debit Payment
Set up preauthorized monthly payments from your account at another financial institution.

One-Time Payment
To make a one-time payment from another financial institution or credit card*, visit our Online Payment Center. There is an $8 convenience fee to use this service. This service is currently not available to pay a C1st Mortgage or C1st Credit Card.

visit our online payment center

For additional information about these credit union loans payment options, please call 866.360.5370 or email

*Does not include Visa credit cards. Cards that are available for payments include: Visa debit card, Mastercard credit and debit cards, and Discover cards.