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Important Information about our Upgrade on 10.20.2020

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Business Cash Management - Digital Banking Upgrade

At C1st, one of our five brand promises is having the right technology for today and tomorrow. We’re excited to announce we are providing our members with an upgraded Digital Banking experience they are sure to love. Mobile banking for businesses will be more convenient than ever. You'll 'C' the Difference!

Logging In

Logging into your Business Cash Management on/after 10.20.2020:

  • If you would prefer to use our Mobile Banking App, you will need to go to the app store and download our new app.  Please search for ‘Community 1st CU’.   It will look like this:  app icon
  • You can also log in through your computer, by clicking “LOGIN” at the top of our website.  Enter your Business Online Banking ID and click "ENTER".
    • Note:  You will NOT use the Business Banking Login link as you have in the past. Our business members will have the same unified experience when logging in.
  • Currently, business members have a 3-tier login (Company ID, Business Banking Login ID, and Password).  Effective 10.20.2020, you will have a 2-tier login.  You will only use the Business Online Banking ID and Password fields. We will not require a Company ID.  

  • You will no longer see a personal image or be asked to verify security questions within Online Banking. This Multi-Factor Authentication will be replaced with a Secure Access Code (a one-time code delivered via text, email, or phone call that will allow access to your new digital banking platform). The code is good for 15 minutes.
  • This will prompt your Secure Access Code, where you will choose to have your code delivered via text, email or phone call.
  • If you do not have a valid email address or phone number on file, please call us at 866.360.5370, email, live chat or stop by your local branch to update your contact information.
  • After you enter your Secure Access Code, you will be prompted to set a new password.
  •     Please note the new password requirements, which will be listed.
  •     You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions, by reading and scrolling to the bottom.
  •     If you plan to use the device you are on regularly, please make sure to click Register Device.

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If a user is a main administrator for a business, can they manage their own users?  Where would they be able to do this?

  • Yes.  A main administrator can manage their own users with online banking. They can do this by navigating through the Cash Management menu and choosing the User Management option to manage their users. 

When creating a new payment template, where would a user begin?  When editing an existing payment template, where would a user begin? 

  • Within the Cash Management menu, the user can begin by clicking on payments. Then, within the Create Template drop down menu, select the payment type.
  • When editing an existing payment template, the user may choose from the available templates, then click edit on the desired template. 

If needing to add a new recipient to an existing template, where can this be done? Can a user add a new recipient without saving to this existing template?

The user has two options. Either way the recipient must be saved when adding to an existing and new template.

  1. Click on recipients within the Cash Management menu to add a recipient, then save. This recipient will be available to use within the payment template, in the recipient and amount step, by selecting ‘Show All.’
  2. Within the template, in the recipient and amount step, click on the ‘Add Recipient’ option. 

Where would a user go to send a one-time payment? Can they send this to a new recipient without saving the recipient?

  • Within the Cash Management menu, the user will click on payments, then click on the New Payments drop down menu. Then, select the payment type for a one-time payment.
  • Yes, the user can create the new recipient without saving the recipient for one-time payments.

Where would you navigate to submit a template for processing? 

  • Cash Management  >  Payments  >  Template

Is there a way to import a CSV file? What information does each need to contain? What is the process to import in a CSV file into my Digital Banking?

  • A 5-column CSV file can be imported using the ‘Payment from File’ option within the ‘Payments’ menu.
  • The five fields required are the following in this order: 
  1. Recipient
  2. ABA#
  3. Account Number
  4. Account Type (1 for checking; 2 for savings)
  5. Amount

Why am I getting a message stating that I have no recipients with accounts when creating an ACH/wire transaction?  I checked in the Recipients menu and I confirmed that there are some listed.  

  • Each recipient will need to have at least one account listed. 
  • If a recipient does not have the Beneficiary Bank information filled in, it will not appear in the eligible list for wire transfers.

Is there a way to create a sub-user for my company that is only allowed to draft payments using existing templates and not be able to edit the template? 

  • Yes.  The ‘Draft Restricted’ option should be selected for this need.

Why has my ACH/wire payment not gone through as expected? 

  • If the transaction is in Drafted status, this means that not all required approvals have been satisfied. 
  • The transaction cannot be processed until all approvals have been entered.

Why can I not cancel an online transaction? 

  1. The Process Date is in the past
  2. The transaction is already in ‘Processed’ status -or-
  3. The user does not have ‘Cancel’ rights

How can I setup a company where the owner can approve his/her own transaction, but the sub-user needs the owner to approve his/hers?  The owner does not want dual approval required for him/herself. 

  • Setup the owner with both draft and approval rights.
  • Setup the sub-user with only draft rights. 
  • The one approval on the transaction will be the owner.

I created a new user in Online Banking but they cannot login.  Why? 

  • The user will not be able to login until a C1st employee validates and approves them.

I want to schedule the Effective Date for my ACH file as tomorrow, but it is grayed out.  The cash management system typically allows me to do this. 

  • The ACH cutoff time has already passed, so the system date is already on the next day. 

Why can I see certain accounts on my Home screen but do not have the same accounts listed when I try to draft an ACH transaction? 

  • Withdrawal or deposit rights to the account is not turned on.
  • Contact a C1st Representative to maintenance accounts if needed.