Home Equity Loans

Transform your home with convenient, low-cost financing.

Home Equity Loans offer convenient, low-cost financing for home improvements. A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can be used to finance virtually anything, from home projects to travel and more. It can also help you save money by refinancing or consolidating higher-rate loans.

What are the differences between our loan options?

Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Line of Credit

What is it?

A Home equity loan resembles a traditional loan. You borrow a specific amount, which is provided as a one-time cash payout at closing, and then you make regular payments during a fixed repayment period.

A HELOC provides ongoing access to funds. Unlike a conventional loan a HELOC is a revolving line of credit, allowing you to borrow more than once. In that way, it's like a credit card, except with a HELOC, your home is used as collateral.


Fixed Interest Rates

Interest is generally a lower variable rate

Monthly Payments?

Fixed monthly payments

Monthly payment amount based on unpaid balance of the last advance and annual percentage rate. Minimum of $100.

Most Common way to use?

Great for one-time expenses!

Better when you are not sure how much you will need to borrow for a project or have on-going expenses

This loan may be a good fit for you if:

  • You have one big expense or project.
  • You have equity in your home
  • You know how much you need to borrow
  • You want fixed payments for the life of the loan
  • You're looking to consolidate debt


  • You have equity in your home
  • You're doing a DIY or other projects with expenses over time
  • You like the security of a line of credit you can borrow from
  • You want to use your credit over and over again, like a credit card
  • You're looking to consolidate debt



Our FLEX HELOC gives you an opportunity to lock in a fixed rate and make those home upgrades you planned.


Take Advantage of the Flexibility...

  • TWO Opportunities to lock your rate
  • Choose a portion or all of your balance for the fixed rate. Then enjoy a fixed payment each month for the portion you chose. 
  • Choose from terms of 5, 10, or 15 years


*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory rate offer is effective as of 7/28/2023 and subject to change at any time. Offer is available for new home equity lines of credit (HELOC) for owner-occupied, single-family residential properties. (Current loans must be from another financial institution to refinance.) After the initial 6 months, the APR will become variable. Currently, the fully indexed rate after introductory period is 8.50% APR (WSJP + 0%) and is based on a minimum credit score of 740 and up to 90% Loan to Value (LTV). Other rates and terms apply based on the credit score and LTV. Maximum APR is 18%. The monthly payment will be 1.00% of the principal balance of the loan (applied to principal and interest, $100 minimum payment). The member has the option of choosing up to 2 fixed-rate lock requests at our disclosed rate for a period of 5, 10 or 15 years. Closing costs range from $0 (for new HELOC with $10,000 minimum initial advance) up to $720 (for existing HELOC or those with less than $10,000 initial advance) plus appraisal fees which may range from $495 to $650. This special offer requires a minimum draw of $500. Limited-time offer. Property insurance required. Subject to credit approval and qualifications. Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

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