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Lesson Plan: Using Payment Credit Cards


Responsible credit card use is an important skill in personal finance. This lesson leads with a basic comparison of three popular payment types (debit cards, credit cards and prepaid debit cards). It then introduces students to the credit card billing cycle and provides a strategy for owning a credit card. Students will also practice how to interpret a credit card billing statement.


• Help students understand the difference between popular card-based payment types

• Introduce students to responsible credit card use strategies

• Help students understand the credit card billing cycle


• Compare different card-based payment types: debit cards, credit cards and prepaid debit cards

• Identify the credit card use strategy: “Pay it in full and on time”

• Identify the main components of credit card billing: billing cycle, balance, payment due date and grace period

• Read and interpret a monthly credit card statement


Activities A and B can be used to gauge student understanding. An optional quiz has been provided with this lesson plan (the quiz is not factored into the lesson’s 45-minute runtime).

Lesson plan activity a activity b quiz