9 Ways To Avoid Fraud / Scams

posted on Monday, September 19, 2022 in Fraud

Today it’s more important than ever to be vigilant and careful about your personal information.

Your personal information is a valuable commodity, and protecting it is key to your financial security. Educate yourself about how to stay secure, current scams to keep an eye out for, and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft. Recognizing these common signs of a scam could help you avoid falling for one.

  1. Do not give out your digital banking username/password/ secure access code. C1st staff will never use the secure access code to verify your identity.

  2. No legitimate company will ask you for gift cards as a form of payment or repayment. If someone asks for you to give them gift card numbers or send pictures of them – they are a scammer.
  3. Legitimate checks do not come through email.
  4. You should never have to pay out of pocket for materials for a remote working position. If you are hired someplace and they ask for you to get all sorts of equipment – they are a scam.
  5. Someone asking you to cash a check and send them the rest of the money because they accidentally overpaid you – is a scam.
  6. The government will not ask for Bitcoin.
  7. If it’s free – you don’t need to enter any card information. Research any company before you give them your card information as once they have it – it can be hard to stop them from charging you for additional purchases.
  8. Amazon will not contact you to verify a purchase.
  9. If you think you are talking to a C1st employee but aren’t for sure- hang up and call us back at 866.360.5370.

Your protection is top of mind. If you feel you are a victim of fraud, please contact C1st at 866.360.5370 or email memberservice@c1stcu.com