What is the Tech Support Scam?

posted on Friday, September 4, 2020 in Fraud

Have you heard of Tech Support Scams? They'll make you think your computer is on the fritz, then loot your info and your wallet. Find out how to spot them and stay safe!

How does the Tech Support Scam work?

It could be an email, a warning screen on your computer, or even a phone call telling you there is an  issue with your computer.

On the phone, the caller pretends to be from “tech support.” They may ask you to give them access to your computer, and then they pretend to run a diagnostic test. The fake tech representative says the problem or virus can be removed for a fee. The goal is to trick you into paying for “support,” often with a prepaid card or electronic transfer that cannot be reversed. 

The on-screen pop-up or email warns you about security issues on your computer. It instructs you to dial a number for help or click a link to download antivirus software. It might look like an error message from your operating system or like antivirus software. It may even use logos from trusted companies or websites.

Tips to help prevent you from falling for the Tech Support Scam

  1. If you get a phone call you didn’t expect from someone who says there’s a problem with your computer, hang up.
  2. If you get a pop-up message to call tech support or click on a link, ignore it. Legitimate security pop-up warnings from tech companies do exist. However, they will never ask you to call a phone number. Always call tech support on your own.
  3. Don’t allow remote access to an unauthorized stranger. Never allow someone to take remote control of your computer unless you are certain that they are representing a legitimate company. 
  4. Don’t share personal information. Do not disclose sensitive financial information such as passwords, credit card, or bank account numbers over the phone. Ever!
  5. Also note, if tech support offers you a refund, but accidentally offers too much, never send it back to them. 

How to report the scam? 

If you have fallen victim to the Tech Support Scam, please contact us at 866.360.5370 or stop by your local branch to speak with a C1st Representative.