Your Voice Club

Designed for teens to get a head start on their finances.


What is Your Voice?

Your Voice is a C1st program designed for teens aged 13-17. Developed to give young members a voice when it comes to their financial needs, and help them get a head start on their finances by starting positive habits such as saving money or budgeting at an earlier age. 

Why is Your Voice important for teens?

Financial education is more important than ever, especially for our youth. Learning how to make responsible choices and understanding financial basics as a teen will help ensure they are on the right path to make smart financial decisions as they near adulthood. 

How would this program benefit me?

You'll have access to financial education, and a CASH BACK rewards checking account with options and benefits tailored just for teens. It's the perfect way to start learning responsible financial independence! 

How do I join?

A $5 deposit in a share savings account is all it takes to establish your membership. As a member, you are an equal owner of the credit union and eligible to use a wide variety of services. 

Join Today!

Your Voice Teen Checking Rewards

Get up to 3.00% Cash Back on debit card purchases of $300 or less per qualification cycle ($9.00 max) AND unlimited nationwide ATM fee refunds.

1. WHEN QUALIFICATIONS ARE MET: You will receive unlimited nationwide ATM fee refunds (up to $4.99 per fee assessed at domestic non-C1st ATMs) AND cash back on qualifying debit card purchases. 3.00% cash back on up to a total of $300 in PIN-based and signature-based debit card purchases that post and settle to the account during that cycle period. Maximum cash back of up to $9.00 per monthly qualification cycle. ATM transactions do not qualify.
IF QUALIFICATIONS ARE NOT MET: ATM fees will not be refunded and you will not receive cash back on your debit card purchases.
QUALIFICATION CYCLE: To qualify, all transactions must post and clear your account during the monthly cycle which is defined as the calendar month; beginning on the first day of the current calendar month through the last day of the current calendar month.
2. Mobile carrier or data charges may apply. 
3. Limit of one overdraft refund per calendar year for a debit/draft transaction.
4. In order to access our Mobile App, you will need a mobile device with an internet connection.