Best Budgeting Apps You Can Use

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posted on Friday, June 16, 2023 in Financial Tips

Downloading budgeting apps is a great way to control your spending and finances. These software applications can help you track the money you earn and spend by connecting to your financial accounts. Some may even have more advanced features like a credit score tracker. They’re easy to download and install on your Apple or Android devices.

There are a wide variety of budgeting apps available today. Here are a few good examples:

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

With thousands of favorable ratings and reviews, it’s no wonder many people consider You Need A Budget, or YNAB, as one of the best budgeting apps available. YNAB follows a zero-based budgeting method, meaning it tells you to put all your money to good use. It allocates your money to specific categories such as savings, groceries, rent, and debt payments.

That gives you an idea of where your money goes and helps you plan your finances should you ever overspend. And if you’re wondering about security, don’t worry. The latest encryption technology and other security protocols protect all the data stored in the app. YNAB is a paid application, but you can sign up for a 34-day trial to see if the app is for you.

Simplifi by Quicken

The Simplifi app is more targeted towards a younger demographic. Its main feature is its simple and easy-to-use user interface. The dashboard is easy to reorder and organize to fit your financial needs.

With the app, you can track your net worth, set financial goals, view a breakdown of your total spending, and more  Using it is a great way to help build your savings and discover new ways how you can manage your money. Like YNAB, Simplifi is also a paid application, but it offers a 30-day free trial.


If you’re looking for a free alternative, Mint is one of the best apps for budgeting your finances. The app can easily connect to your accounts and comes with a daily planner. It automatically updates you for bill payment reminders or when you exceed your current budget. With Mint, you can also add tags and reorganize your transactions so that you can see your more essential expenses.

Although Mint is free to use on Android and iOS devices, you can also upgrade it to Mint Premium. The premium version has more advanced analytics without any of the ads present in the free version.

Budgeting apps can only do so much with your money. Financial knowledge and education are still essential keys to financial success. If you’re willing to learn more, talk to one of our representatives at Community 1st Credit Union today.