24-Hour Telephone Banking

24-hour telephone banking

Simplify your life with Community 1st Credit Union's 24 hour telephone access service.

24 Hour Account Access - (888) 684-7989

  • Check your current and available account balances
  • Find out if a check has cleared
  • Transfer money within your accounts

If you never seem to have enough time, we can help:

  • Fewer trips to the credit union
  • Fingertip access to your accounts 24-hours a day, 365-days a year
  • Multiple transactions in one call

How can you get started? Just call any C1st branch location and we'll send you a PIN (Personal Identification Number) so you can get started. There's even a transaction code to change the PIN to whatever you want.


A. Select From Menu Options 

  • Select An Account
  • Transfer Money
  • All Account Balances
  • General Information
  • Product Information
  • More Choices
  • Merchant Verification

B. Enter Member Number 
C. Enter PIN Number
Follow instructions depending on the menu option that you have chosen.

Telephone Banking Guide

1) Account Balance --- Provides the available balance and current balance, minus any holds.
2)  Account History --- Search for checks or deposits by date(s), amount/range, or check number. 
3)  Funds Transfer Activities

    1. Transfer funds immediately
    2. Schedule a funds transfer
    3. Payments
       (1) Immediate
       (2) Schedule
   4. Hear existing scheduled transfers
   5. Delete an existing transfer

4)  Card Services
5)  Merchant Check Verification
6)  Account Management

1. Stop Payment Activities
  (1) Stop payment on a specific check number
  (2) Stop payment by a range of checks
  (3) Stop payment inquiry
2. Future dated transactions
3. Change PIN 

Global Commands:

Operator (0)
Main Menu (3*)
Go Back (*)
Skip (5*)
Repeat (#)
Hang Up (7*)

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