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Skip a Pay

skip a pay

Everyone needs a break. Take a break from your loan. 

Everyone could use extra funds from time to time, and at C1st, our enhanced Skip a Pay feature allows you to take a break from your qualifying loan payment(s) right at your fingertips through C1st's Digital Banking. The best part is your approval is instantaneous! Whether you need the funds for a large purchase, vacation, or an emergency, you can skip your payment when it's convenient for you!

Skip a Pay FAQs

  •  What types of loans can I request to skip payments on?

    All loans eligible for the Skip a Pay request except for commercial loans, mortgage-secured loans, (except tack-on mortgages), overdraft protection line of credit, EZ loans, mobile home loans, interest-free loans, and single-payment loans.

  •  How do I know if I am eligible to skip my payment?

    Log in to online or mobile banking, access the Skip a Pay feature in the menu bar and you will be able to view which loans are eligible to skip. If you do not have an eligible loan, it will say "There are no loans eligible for this service."

  •  Why does it say 'There are no loans eligible for this service'?

    Loans must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a skip:

    • Qualifying loan(s) must have satisfactory payment history for 90 days, be contractually up to date, and not have been granted a Skip a Pay in the previous six (6) months.

    Loans are not eligible for skip if:

    • Loans secured by a mobile home or real estate, single-payment loans, annual payment loans, overdraft protection lines of credit, EZ loans, interest-free loans, and student loans are not eligible.
    • Loans that are past due more than 10 days are not eligible
    • Loans with collateral protection insurance are not eligible for Skip a Pay
  •  How will I be notified of the decision?

    There is no waiting necessary. You will instantly know once you have skipped your loan(s). You will see your next due date in C1st's Digital Banking. 

  •  Is there a fee to skip a loan payment?

    Yes. For each loan Skip a Pay, there is a $25.00 processing fee. This fee is due at the time the Skip a Pay request is submitted to C1st and will be deducted from the share account indicated in your request.

  •  What if I don't have C1st's Digital Banking? Can I not skip my loan?

    We highly recommend enrolling in C1st's Digital Banking to control and access your accounts 24/7. However, you don't need to have Digital banking to skip your payment. Please contact us if you need to skip your payment. 

  •  How do I access Skip a Pay in Digital Banking?
    1. Log into C1st's Digital Banking
    2. Click on the menu bar in the top left corner
    3. Click on 'Services'
    4. Select 'Skip a Pay'
    5. Select the loan(s) you want to skip
    6. Select the share account you would like the fee to be deducted from 
    7. Review and accept the Skip a Pay Terms and Conditions
    8. Click 'Submit'