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There are two types of overdraft services at C1st. Overdraft Tolerance will cover your transactions for a fee each time you overdraw your account. Overdraft Protection includes a line of credit or savings account to cover transactions when you overdraw.

Overdraft Tolerance

Overdraft Tolerance* covers overdraft amounts up to $525 without having checks, automatic clearinghouse/ACH debits, service charges or check charges sent back to the merchant. We’ll automatically subtract a fee for each transaction, but as long as you follow up within 30 days by covering the overdraft and fee amount, your account will remain in good standing.

With Overdraft Tolerance, we will not automatically cover your debit card transactions. By simply clicking on the “OPT-IN NOW” button, you can easily protect your account and avoid being inconvenienced from having debit card transactions declined.

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Overdraft Protection

Your savings account can also serve as a form of protection.  In the event you’re about to overdraw your checking account, we’ll automatically transfer available funds from your linked backup account.  Each day with an overdraft transfer(s) from a savings account to a checking account will cause a fee to be assessed once for that day.  

Also, you may choose overdraft protection from an overdraft line of credit.

*This is a discretionary service so we do not guarantee that we will pay any type of transaction. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing. A fee of $30 will be charged each time we pay an overdraft created by checks and other transactions made using your checking account number, BillPayer transactions and ACH withdrawals. We will not pay overdrafts for everyday debit card or ATM transactions unless you Opt-in and authorize us to do so. Your account must have a positive balance within 30 days of your overdraft notice.