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Our Dollar Dog Clubhouse gives your youngster access to fun games, activities and freebies!


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The Dollar Dog Kids Club helps kids ages 12 and under learn and understand the power of good savings habits while they are young!

When your little saver opens a Dollar Dog Savings Account or Dollar Dog Certificate Account, they've made a great financial choice, and we want the experience to be a special one.  With a membership, they'll receive lots of free stuff.

  • Free Membership Kit filled with fun activities.
  • Quarterly newsletter with tips, tricks, and crafts.
  • Fun community events, contests, prizes, and more.
  • Earn Doggie Dollars for deposits made and redeem them for prizes!

Why Start Them Young

Apart from the perks and benefits we offer, our kids savings account can be a useful tool for teaching your children about money matters. Here are some ways on how you can do that:

Helps them develop money-saving habits.

Kids easily pick up habits that they may carry into adulthood; saving money is not an exception! Start by encouraging them to allot a portion of their allowance to a children's bank account. Over time, this can develop into a habit that they can adopt once they start working.

Teaches them financial independence.

Instead of giving your kids money for an item that they want, let them work for it. Give them chores and pay them for their hard work. Then, teach them to deposit their money into a savings account until they have enough funds to make the purchase.

Makes them more aware of money matters.

With a Dollar Dog Savings account, you can slowly teach your children about the basics of banking. Start with something simple like checking their money using a digital app. By the time they start working, they'll have an idea of how to manage their finances in a bank.

Sign up your little one today, and see for yourself the benefits of savings for children! We currently offer our services to Iowa residents. If you have questions, feel free to contact us or visit any of our branches today!