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Digital Wallet FAQs

C1st is here to help answer your frequently asked questions about Digital Wallets, how they work, what you do, and much more.

Digital Wallet FAQs

  •  What is a digital wallet?

    A digital wallet is a device or system for storing digitized versions of payment cards. Examples of digital wallets include Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    Digital wallets provide cardholders with a secure and convenient way to store and use their payment cards without needing to carry physical cards. As payment by digital wallet becomes more widely accepted by merchants, the benefit to cardholders of using a digital wallet increases.

  •  How do I use my digital wallet?

    1. Set up your Digital Wallet
    Choose the option for the mobile device you'd like to use. 

    *In order to fully complete the verification process for your C1st Debit Card, you will receive a call from SHAZAM or a code via text message to activate your digital wallet.

    2. Make a contactless purchase
    Look for the contactless symbol and simply tap your payment-enabled device on the checkout terminal to make a payment.

    3. Enjoy the convenience
    Make quick purchases within mobile apps without entering your card information. Some digital wallets enable you to store loyalty program information and access rewards and discounts.

  •  I received an email or letter stating that my digital wallet was activated. I don’t remember initiating this?

    If you received a notice that your digital wallet was activated, this means that you enrolled in a digital wallet such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Garmin Pay.

  •  I received a letter or email stating that my digital wallet was deleted. What does this mean?

    If you received a notice that your card has been deleted, your card is no longer active in your digital wallet. No action is needed. Your card will no longer work in your digital wallet.

  •  My digital banking shows a Visa Provisioning transaction. What is this?

    Often you will see a Visa Token provisioning charge pending on your online banking for .01. Visa Provisioning is a type of preauthorization from a retailer or digital wallet operator that you did business with. It’s their way of checking whether the account is valid or not. Merchants want to make sure that your payment method is valid before working to approve your transaction. This charge will typically drop off your account within 1-2 days. 

  •  What is card tokenization?

    Card tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with secure, surrogate data, called a token. To insert a payment card into a digital wallet, the card’s sensitive data must be replaced with a token that serves as a reference to the card. When a digital wallet uses a card for a payment, it only provides the token, without exposing any of the original card details.

  •  What are the benefits of digital wallets and card tokenization?

    Key advantages of supporting payments with digital wallets include:

    Broad acceptance – Tokenized cards are valid at any merchant who accepts that digital wallet.

    Increased security – Fewer systems have access to sensitive data, and the card network can implement tight controls and validations.

    For security reasons, each network token is exclusive to both a digital wallet and a device (phone, laptop, etc.). For example, a network token requested by Apple Pay on an iPhone cannot be used by a Google Pay digital wallet or by an Apple Watch. The token can be used only by Apple Pay on the particular iPhone on which it was requested.

  •  Is using a digital wallet free?

    Yes, but be aware that message and data rates may apply, depending on your data plan.