Digital Banking FAQ's

Digital Banking FAQ's



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Digital Banking FAQs

  •  What if I forgot my digital banking password?

    If you forgot your password in digital banking, click on the “Forgot your password?” link. Select how you would like to receive your one-time Secure Access Code. Enter the code in the box provided and select a new password. The code will only be good for 15 minutes. 

  •  What if I forgot my Login ID?

    If you forgot your Login ID in digital banking, click on the “Forgot Login ID?” link. Enter the required information and select the delivery method of how you would like to receive your one-time Secure Access Code. Enter the code in the box provided and select a new password. The code will only be good for 15 minutes.  

  •  Is digital banking available in Spanish?

    Yes.   Our new digital banking platform is available in Spanish, through both a computer and your mobile app.

  •  Can I change the order in which I see my accounts?

    Yes. From the menu bar, click on “Account Preferences” under "Settings". To change the order of your accounts, click on the up or down arrow next to the account to rearrange.

  •  How do I sign up for eStatements?

    To sign up for eStatements on our digital platform, please go to:

    • Menu > Statements > eStatement Preferences
    • Choose your delivery preference:  Electronic Statements OR Paper Statements
    • Confirm your delivery email address
    • Accept the eStatement Delivery Disclosure
    • Click Submit
  •  How do I download my transaction history?

    You can download transaction history into your personal financial software in just a few easy steps!

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  •  How do I set up digital banking alerts?

    Did you know you can set up customizable alerts for almost any activity?

    Receive a text, call, secure message or email when important events occur in your accounts.

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  •  Can I set up an external account to transfer money to/from my C1st account?

    Yes. You can set up an external account by clicking on “Services”, “Add External Account” (an account you have at another financial institution) to be linked for electronic transfers. This feature is only available to consumer accounts. In order to add your external account you will need to have the following information:

    • Institution’s Routing and Transit number
    • Your Account number 
    • Account type - checking or savings

    Two "micro" deposits will be generated and sent to your external account (typically within 5 business days). Micro deposits are random deposits in amounts less than $1. Once you have received the two micro-deposits in your external account, make note of both amounts as you will need them later to verify your account. Follow the steps on the “Add An External Account” page to set this up. 

  •  What is Mobile Deposit?

    Mobile Deposit allows you to make a deposit directly into your personal checking or savings account using the C1st Digital Banking App on supported iPhone or Android devices. It allows you to submit photos of the front and back of your endorsed check.

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  •  What is Debit CardSwap?

    Debit CardSwap is a convenient Digital Banking tool that lets you easily link your C1st debit card to your online subscriptions and shopping accounts all in one place.

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